Collect This: Artspace Online Marketplace

Affordable Contemporary Art

rebecca graham artspace!

If it looks pretentious, costs more than your rent, and challenges normal understanding, it must be art, right?

Inductive reasoning doesn’t always work. Artspace, a new online shop for contemporary works, makes collecting refreshingly feasible. It provides information about the pieces (what they are, artists’ bios, Q&As) alongside prices that won’t cause an eye-roll (many are under $250).

Artists who have shown at the Guggenheim, Brooklyn Museum, and MCA Chicago partner with the venerable institutions to select one work from their shows to be sold on the site. Pieces range from arresting (a naked woman sprawled over a ravine in sepia tones) to quixotic (a ’20s-era flapper bathing with a crocodile) to familiar (a starkly lonely suburban house photographed at night). If needed, guest curators select their favorites for a helpful eye.

Pretty soon you’ll be sipping tea from fur-lined cups and discussing sharks in formaldehyde.

Available online at artspace.com.

Photo: Rebecca Graham, Bathtime with Clara and the Domesticated Alligator, 2010 / Courtesy of Artspace