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Answer the Door When Sift Comes Knocking

Decadent Desserts Delivered

sift dessert boutique!

The man of your dreams won’t appear on your doorstep (unless you have a thing for dudes in FedEx shorts). But the midday dessert you’ve been fantasizing about just might.

Make it happen with one call to Sift Dessert Boutique, a new delivery service for sweets like strawberry Grand Marnier cake, cappuccino brownies, chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake, and tres leches cupcakes.

Can’t find what you’re craving on the menu? Confess your love affair with dark chocolate and raspberries to owner/baker Tristen Patriz, and she’ll do her best to whip up a custom creation to be delivered within a day or two.

If your eyes tend to wander, order a Siftee or two (mini versions that feed one to five). Because if a full-size Maui (brown sugar cake, vanilla-infused pineapple filling, and coconut buttercream icing) shows up at your door, it may be eat at first sight.

Sift Dessert Boutique (678-234-7659 or siftatlanta.com).

Photo: Tristen Patriz / Courtesy of Sift Dessert Boutique

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