Colleen Jordan Lets You Watch Your Garden Grow

Wearable Planter Jewelry

colleen jordan's wearable planters!

You hate saying good-bye to your precious windowsill garden each day.

Now you can bring your best buds with you, thanks to Colleen Jordan’s planter necklaces.

The teensy acrylic numbers come sans seedling. So choose your favorite, pot it, and tie one on. For the not-so green thumb, directions and plant recommendations are included. Jordan suggests aromatic bloomers like lavender, which doubles as an enticing perfume (bringing new meaning to signature scent), and succulents like stonecrop to freshen your air supply.

Similar to your perennials, the planters come in various shapes and colors. And just like your pristine orchids, these babies are quite the conversation pieces.

So cheer up, buttercup.

Available online at colleenjordan.com, $15-$55.

Photo: Courtesy of Colleen Jordan