Buy a Masterpiece from The Ten Collection

An Online Gallery of Exclusive Prints

the ten online gallery!

Ever get the feeling your wall is giving you a blank, empty stare?

Fill the void with a photographic print from The Ten, an exclusive online exhibit of ten signed works selected by Jennifer Schwartz of the eponymous gallery.

A new collection is released on the tenth of each month. Each piece costs $250 (a small price for your newfound art collector status) and will never be available elsewhere.

Click through the current exhibit, Southern Comfort, consisting of ethereal black and white prints by Southern gal Lori Vrba. Pet lovers will drool over “Good Company”; romantics will fall hard for “Sleeping Porch.” If you prefer not to view the world in shades of gray, browse the archives for colorful past Ten collections to brighten up your deprived surroundings.

You’re due for a real homecoming.

Available online at thetenphoto.com.

Photo: Lori Vrba / Courtesy of The Ten