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chuice raw foods!

Dear food diary,

We found “the one.”

Over coffee: A trusted health freak, er, friend, told us about Chuice, revolutionary raw food in a bottle made daily from 45 (not a typo) nutrient-rich ingredients including kale, kiwi, flaxseed, and walnuts, and packed with ridiculously good-for-you enzymes.

Breakfast: Hurry to Highland Bakery, pick up a half-gallon of The Forest (one of two varieties) while successfully snubbing the pastries. Take a sip and realize the name Chuice comes from having to chew (heh).

Lunch: Drink/eat more and learn that a sixteen-ounce glass is a satisfying meal (no cranky fasting here). And though it can be used for cleanses, most Chuicers consume daily.

Dinner: We hear of its natural antiaging powers. Always the skeptic, we meet founder/holistic wellness coach Ladell Hill and guess his age. Twenty years off.

Chew on that.

Available at Highland Bakery, 655 Highland Avenue, suite 10, Old Fourth Ward (404-586-0772 or highlandbakery.com), $25 for a half-gallon. For more information, go to facebook.com or tasteofearth.net.

Photo: Ashley Hesseltine

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