A Crib That Clicks

Gro Furniture Bam B and P Pod Cribs

gro furniture!

Nothing like putting the last bolt in the baby’s crib only to discover an extra nut on the floor.

Kind of makes you want to say screw it. Or not screw it, as the case may be.

The new collection of cribs from Gro Furniture may be just what you’re missing. Founders David and Aimee Singelyn put their architecture degrees to work by creating a pair of cribs that hook together without a single fastener or piece of hardware — think of them as puzzles that can be solved in less than two minutes.

The eco-conscious collection is manufactured in Nashville, Tennessee, and uses bamboo or solid-core birch ply and low VOC finishes. No need to worry about safety issues, both the Bam B and P Pod cribs exceed all standards. In fact, every time your Future Engineer of America jumps or tosses in his bed, the interlocking pieces tighten with the force.

Once he outgrows the crib, it converts to a toddler bed, day bed, or play table.

So no one gets screwed by a useless cradle.

Available online at grofurniture.com, $990-$1,890.

Photo: Courtesy of Gro Furniture