A Girls' Holiday Gift Guide That Brings Good Cheer

Your Presents Are the Best

plexiglas necklace!

You know that moment when your girlfriend gives you a heartfelt present and you’re left looking like a chump, gift card in hand? Not this year.

Treasure Hunter
Hazel Studstill’s gold and silver upcycled Plexiglas necklaces (pictured) are crafted from the discarded material but look like shiny geodes. Pick up a stunner at The Beehive for your artsy roommate who loves a unique find.

farmer d's backyard gardening box!Green Thumb
Help your neighbor’s garden grow with Farmer D’s Backyard Gardening Box, a starter kit with a planting guide, coconut coir fiber brick, bamboo gloves, Worth classic trowel, and two packs of lettuce seeds. You can expect another thank-you come spring.

Pinkies Up
Your refined aunt enjoys her afternoon tea. SoRen Tea’s gourmet loose varieties in flavors like cashmere creme (white peony with tropical coconut), bohemian peach, and Estate Grey, which come packaged in elegant black tins, are worth savoring.

pla beauty!Glamour-puss
Your always-flawless friend can touch up instantly with Pla Beauty’s Luscious lipgloss in sheer delight and Kiss + Makeup’s Secret lip stain in berry, both available at Woo Skincare + Cosmetics. They’re luxurious and, better yet, locally made.

Your bestie just launched her dream business (you’re so proud). Help her get ahead with Recipe for Press, a how-to-be-your-own-publicist guide by seasoned editor Amy Flurry, detailing local success stories.

jessica swift rain boots!Storm Chaser
Little sis, an aspiring weather reporter, lives for extreme conditions. Make sure she’s prepared (and pretty) with local designer Jessica Swift’s colorful rain boots. An inspirational message hidden on the inside brightens any dreary day.

She won’t see it coming.

Photos: Courtesy of HJ Designs; Courtesy of Farmer D Organics; Courtesy of Pla Beauty; Courtesy of Jessica Swift

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