8 Presents for the Guys

Surprises He Loves

esperanza scarf!

You ask him what he wants for the holidays, and he responds with:
a) Silence.
b) “Uh.” Long pause. “Um.”
c) “I have everything I need.”
d) A, B, then C.

Forget you asked and let us help.

Cool Kid
Pick up a plaid shirt for your hipster lumberjack or a cozy cashmere sweater from Drew&Lewis, a new menswear line designed by the dapper duo behind the eponymous boutique. Stuff his stocking with Esperanza’s Kudzu scarf (pictured).

cavalia!Animal Lover
You know better than to drag him to The Nutcracker. Keep his attention with Cavalia Odysseo, the new equestrian show with cutting-edge special effects, acrobatics, and live music. He can horse around with a Rendez-Vous package, which includes VIP lounge access, food and drinks, center-row seats, and a stable tour.

Mix Master
Whether he’s a mixologist extraordinaire or just dabbles in drinks, he’ll love slinging cocktails with H&F Bottle Shop’s seven-piece build-a-bar set (shaker, strainers, jiggers, muddler, etc.). Garnish with a handy cocktail kit (ingredients plus recipe card) to raise the bar.

smoked nib brittle!Sweet Talker
Your guy loves chocolate with a side of bacon. Please his palate with Olive & Sinclair’s smoked nib brittle (cacao nibs smoked in Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams smokehouse). Throw in jumbo-size Merry Christmas and spicy Mexican-style Cinn-Chili bars.

Top Chef
He’s been slicing up a storm with his old, tired tools. A set of badass, all-black Stelton knives, available at Switch Modern, ensures he’s a cut above the rest. (Then casually suggest the next meal you’d like him to whip up.)

He’ll eat it up.

Photos: Courtesy of Esperanza Atlanta; Courtesy of Cavalia Odysseo; Courtesy of Olive & Sinclair

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