Worthwhisland's Affordable Online Art Service

Expert Work at Novice Prices

worthwhisland art!

Befriending hot, young creative types has done plenty for your bedroom cred. But more importantly: Your living room walls have never looked better.

Prepare to fall for new art site Worthwhisland.

Co-founders Jason Frank Rothenberg (a commercial and fine art photog) and Alexis Schimberg (former owner of NYC’s Werkstätte Gallery) launched the online gallery to give everyone the benefit of an art world hookup.

On-again, off-again couplings with established and emerging artists add up to a slew of exclusive, affordable pieces — from Joshua Abelow’s comical, line-drawn “Satan and Georgia” to Michael Van Horne’s ethereal photograph “White Sands” (pictured above) — even industry snobs can’t resist.

Expanded edition sizes and alternative reproduction methods result in gallery-scale (and -quality) work at indie artist prices.

They’ve nailed it.

Available online at worthwhisland.com, $100-$250.

Photo: Micahel Van Horne, White Sands / Courtesy of Worthwhisland