If Walls Could Talk, They'd Ask for Papier Brillant

Doug James Hassall’s Glitter Wallpaper

papier brillant glitter wallpaper!

Your dress collection: 78 percent sequins. Favorite nail color: shimmery gunmental. Recurring complaint from your grade-school art teachers: hogging the glitter.

Doug James Hassall’s sparkly Papier Brillant was designed to catch your eye. Hassall built a “very Benjamin Franklin” machine to create small batches of the glitter wallpaper in five patterns (for now) and various color combos.

Touch up your powder room with a floral Passion print in blue and green, or recreate a night sky on your ceiling with the Black Cow. An abstract fleur-de-lis Elan pattern in orange and chartreuse will turn your accent wall French. (Save a few feet for fancy gift wrapping.)

Online shopping launches in a month, but for now you can visit Hassall at his Roswell studio for an inside look at the process or request samples be sent to your home.

We think you’ll find something you fancy.

To make an appointment or request samples, email doug@papierbrillant.com. Wallpaper is $70 per yard or $700 per ten-yard bolt; custom colorways are $90 per yard. For more information, go to facebook.com.

Photo: Doug James Hassall / Courtesy of Papier Brillant