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Have Lunch on the Farm with Chef Sturgis

The Goat Farm Just Got Cooler

lunch on the farm!

Your current eating-at-your-desk depression is only enhanced by cafeteria small talk and the pricey cafe next door.

Lunch on the Farm, a new menu offering at The Goat Farm, gives you something to chew on.

Check the week’s daily specials for eats like a turkey Reuben, white chili with jalapeno bacon cornbread, or pad thai, courtesy of chef Dave Sturgis (Muss & Turner’s). Select your day and email that you’re coming.

Then pull into the historic, artsy compound (watch for goats, chickens, and friendly dogs) and follow signs to the Warhorse, a coffee-shop-meets-library-meets-secret-clubhouse where Sturgis whips up your lunch.

Fork over $8 for the midday feast and find a spot among an ancient piano, typewriter, antique tea set, and other intriguing knickknacks in the exposed-brick space. Or have your fare with a side of fresh air at the 34-foot communal table outside.

Sure beats finding tuna on your keyboard.

Lunch service and pickup begin at 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at The Goat Farm, 1200 Foster Street, Westside. For more information, go to lunchonthefarm.blogspot.com. Email orders to lunchonthefarm@gmail.com.

Photo: Ashley Hesseltine for DailyCandy

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