Exotic Carpets That Don't Fall Flat

Beldi Moroccan Rugs and Accessories

beldi moroccan rugs!

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to rumble.

The Moroccan home goods and accessories on new site ShopBeldi.com can really throw down.

In corner one: Azilal Berber carpets, sourced by Moroccan-born, Brooklyn-based co-founder Chafiq Ennaoui. Classic form (thanks to tribal Atlas Mountain lineage) means the rugs can take a licking and keep on ticking.

In corner two: oversize striped sheep’s wool blankets, ranging from tomato red to kelly green. They’re big. They’re bold. And they double as rugs.

Last but not least, the ringers: one-of-a-kind Boucherouite rugs in 25 styles. Hailing from the mountains outside Marrakech, the scrappy floor coverings are crafted from dyed rags and textile discards. Expert tribal craftswomen nurse them to prime condition.

We hate to call this one early, but we think the Boucherouites might steal the show.

And them’s fighting words.

Available online at shopbeldi.com, $295-$950.

Photo: Courtesy of Beldi