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We Love Three Chicks & a Cow Bonbons

They're Almost Too Pretty to Eat

three chicks & a cow bonbons!

You know the type — sweet, cute, rich, oozing with personality.

Before you judge, meet Three Chicks & a Cow and prepare to be smitten, not spiteful. The drool-inducing, golf ball-size bonbons were created by besties Parker Wallace and Kelley Cullins using recipes handed down from Wallace’s grandma.

Each gal (and heifer) comes dressed, with her painted legs sticking in the air. Ballerina Chick (whipped Oreo ganache dipped in white chocolate) looks pretty in pink, while Chic Chick (red velvet cake with crunchy toffee bits) is a siren who keeps her heels on during, um, dessert.

Mint-chocolate Preppy Chick screams irresistible Southern belle, but Cow (equipped with a cowbell) takes the cake in the form of gooey pecan pie and a flaky crust dipped in dark chocolate.

You’ll be head over hooves.

Available by phone (678-897-1717) or email order (info@threechicksandacow.com), $6 each (minimum of six); $28 for a gift box of all four flavors. Mini bonbons are $3 each (minimum of twelve) or $15 for a gift box. For more information, go to threechicksandacow.com.

Photo: Ashley Hesseltine for DailyCandy