Get Fit with Ashley Pettit Living

Work out, eat better for life

ashley pettit!

You, Jeni, Ben, and Jerry have a lot of fun together.

But your ass is more gallon- than pint-size these days.

Here’s a scoop that’s easier to swallow: Ashley Pettit Living, a new program that helps you make long-term changes by revamping your lifestyle inside and out.

During your initial consult, you and Pettit set goals (she’s refreshingly realistic), take your measurements, and discuss eating and exercise habits. Back home, you clean your pantry of toxic foods (Pettit’s tome-like pamphlet becomes your go-to) and start a food journal.

Group workouts (yes, she teaches, too) are high energy and fun. Pettit creates solo cardio/weight plans for nonclass days, gives you healthy recipes to use for the week, and checks in on you daily to see how you’re faring.

Don’t let her perky demeanor fool you: She’s MSHN, CNC, CWNC, CMTA, CFC, and CPT certified.

That’s no BS.

For more information, go to ashleypettitliving.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Pettit