The Search Is Over

Organize your photos and videos with ThisLife


You’ve got a Flip with video of your daughter’s first steps (somewhere), 998 photos on your iPhone, and your husband just emailed pics of the kids playing in the yard. Clearly there’s no issue with capturing memories — but organizing them is a different story.

Get it together with ThisLife, a new Web-based app that gathers all the digital images (yes, all of them) from your desktop, phone, camera, and social channels and stores them safely in the company’s cloud.

As if that weren’t enough, the founders of ThisLife are parents who recognize that pictures are only as good as the stories they tell. Photos and videos can be tagged by person, place, and activity, allowing you to search for Rachel eating ice cream in Maine — and find it. They’ve also built automatic smart features such as facial recognition (it really works), image enhancement, and duplicate detection (the image with the highest resolution wins), which help streamline your storytelling capabilities. Plus, all your images can be loaded onto a private time line, preserving your power to choose who sees what. Download the iPhone and iPad app and have your photo library on hand wherever you go.

Best part: ThisLife allows two people to connect with each account — so you don’t have to chase down your partner to send you pictures.

Say cheese.

Available online at thislife.com. Starter Plan (1,000 pictures or one hour of video), free; Adventure Plan (20,000 photos or ten hours of video), $8 monthly or $80 yearly; Family Plan (50,000 photos or 25 hours of video), $15 monthly or $150 yearly.

Photo: Courtesy of ThisLife