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Fournier launches a toy collection

fournier toy collection!

Between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m., your house looks like a three-ring circus and feels like a clown car. It just. keeps. coming.

Transition from big top to dreamland with Fournier’s new toys and playthings.

Circus masters, tents, and clowns are fashioned into cozy pillows and balloon-like dolls made for downtime snuggles. The combination of muted primary colors and dreamy shades of white stirs the imagination without stirring things up. Fanciful cloud pillows, crochet rattle balls, and tooth fairy pillows — all with a very soft hand — round out the collection.

Made from alpaca wool and organic and pima cotton, all the pieces are crafted in Bolivia as part of designer Anabel Fournier’s poverty-alleviation project. Fournier works with almost 80 female artisans to ensure they get training, proper working conditions, and fair wages.

Which means everyone rests well tonight.

Available online at fournier.bigcartel.com, $28-$72.

Photo: Courtesy of Fournier