Icebox Cryotherapy Arrives in Georgia

Feel better in three minutes

icebox cryotherapy!

Remember when you got locked out of your house in your underwear during Snowpocalypse 2011?

Icebox Cryotherapy is way colder than that. But instead of getting a mild case of frostbite, your body tightens and rejuvenates, flushes out toxins (read: hangover helper), releases endorphins (rumored to boost libido), and gets sounder sleep.

Strip down, then step into a 30-inch-circumference tube (the cryosauna), which fills with -270 degrees Fahrenheit nitrogen for three minutes. Sound like a torture chamber? It’s the opposite: Pro athletes use the treatment to reduce pain and inflammation and speed recovery.

Your head pokes out, but you can dip (baby, dip), so your mug also reaps the skin benefits. And because your body does an Olympic sprint to produce heat, expect to burn up to 800 calories in the few hours after treatment.

It’s a perfect storm.

Icebox Cryotherapy, 3292 Laventure Drive, suite 101 (404-890-7066 or iceboxtherapy.com). One session is $70; packages are available.

Photo: Ashley Hesseltine for DailyCandy

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