Better than Nuggets: For Kids, by Kids

Hyatt adds a healthy children's menu

hyatt healthy kids' menu!

Traveling with kids has its ups (maid service) and downs (shared hotel rooms). But families with an appetite for travel quickly learn to stomach the grilled cheese and French fries three-a-days.

Or they can choose to stay at Hyatt. The hotel chain just launched a children’s menu focused on fresh, seasonal, and organic options. The menu was born of a collaboration with the legendary Alice Waters; 11-year-old Haile Thomas from the show Kids Can Cook tested all the dishes.

Breakfast items include whole wheat French toast, breakfast tacos, and fruit and yogurt. Eggs are cage free, milk is hormone free and low fat, and the yogurt is Greek.

For dinner, kids can try noodles with tofu, sustainable fish, natural steak, or a DIY pasta.

Now tell us this: Can grown-ups order off the kids’ menu?

Available at all full-service Hyatt hotels in the United States, Canada, and Caribbean. Find out more at hyattfood.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Hyatt Hotels