Rock a PocketArt Tee for Charity

Wear your heart on your sleeve

umano pocketart tees!

To the tune of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem

PocketArt is in the house tonight,
Everybody, wear a charitable line,
Umano tees will make you lose your mind,
Giving back just feels so fine.

PocketArt is in the house tonight,
Two Atlanta brothers did ’em up fine,
Each pocket has a drawn design,
We just wanna see you … wear that.

In your closet, feeling lost, tryin’ to find a shirt? Pocket rock.
The sustainable fabric is silky soft; how flattering it is may be a shock.
Where’d the money go? You gots to know. To schools in developing countries; they need the dough.
And those designs? Art projects by schoolkids in Mexico.

Yo, those kids got talent like our boy Picasso,
Abstract birds and butterflies come from their drawin’ flow.
PocketArt, yeah, that’s the crew that we’re reppin’,
A handmade tote comes with each T-shirt, so you best get to steppin’, hey!

We just wanna see you … wear that.

Available at umano.com, $45.

Photo: Courtesy of Umano