Red's Outfitters Retro-Inspired Sunglasses

These bad boys are worth the wait

red's outfitters sunglasses!

Borrowing from the fellas is so often a good idea. See: boyfriend jeans, oversize blazers, your beau’s new Audi.

Add to the list Red’s unisex sunglasses.

A trio of young, fun-loving guys created the affordable and luxurious line of shades for their (and your) favorite outdoor activities (sunning, tailgating, concert going). The retro-inspired sunnies are crafted by an Italian supplier but carry a modest $115 price tag.

Make a bold style — or sports team — statement in the red Whitner. Transition into fall with tousled, sun-kissed hair and the tortoiseshell Scottie or dark green Frederica. Wear the black Chapin with Labrador icon while boating with the boys.

But prepare for thievery.

They’re man’s new best friend.

Available for preorder at redsoutfitters.com. Shipping begins late August.

Photo: Courtesy of Red’s Outfitters