Mother's Helper: Benbini Watches

Clocking in for motherhood

benbini watches!

During pregnancy you were a whiz at numbers. You could rattle off the number of weeks left, pounds gained, and nanoseconds between contractions.

Now that baby is here, that’s all flown out the window. Benbini watches assist during the bleary moments of motherhood.

Line up rotating bezels with the hour and minute hands to track how much time has passed between naps, medicine doses, and meltdowns (yours and hers). For those 3 a.m. feedings, switch the toggle from left to right to remember which side is up next.

The water-resistant design withstands a few splashes and the soft, slip-on band hugs your wrist ergonomically.

When else does it come in handy? Counting down the minutes until the sitter arrives.

Available at benbini.com, $99.

Photo: Courtesy of Benbini