Watch "FleaTV" with Your Furry Friend

A DVD just for dogs


Last time you sat Anderson Pooper down for a little Animal Planet QT, he opted for his bone instead.

He won’t turn up a wet nose at FleaTV — 50 minutes of footage shot from a pooch’s perspective (we’re assuming there was a GoPro involved) — created by local science nerds/canine-loving trio Betty Paxton, Jim McNeely, and Ralph Heigl.

In a chapter titled “Blade’s Dream,” the movie’s star runs on the beach and dashes through the snow. “A Trip to the Dog Park” and “A Walk Around Town” may inspire Bark Simpson to skip the real thing and just chill on the couch with a bag of kibble.

For owners, there’s a guide to heavy petting and five cooking demos for treats like pupcakes and chix stix.

What a ruff life.

Available at fleatv.com, $20.

Photo: Brick House Pictures / Getty Images