You Need a G3 Wellness Coach

Get your mind and body right

g3 wellness!

You quit your trainer when you began to bulk up and abandoned a dietitian who shamed you for eating Froot Loops.

But you’ll be hard-pressed to leave Morgan King’s side. The G3 Wellness guru (she has a psychology degree and took classes under Deepak Chopra) bases her holistic approach to women’s health on simple principles: Glow, go, and grow.

During a free initial consultation, share your goals (shed five pounds before a wedding, drop baby weight, improve everyday habits). Next King customizes a plan that can include regular meetings, personal training sessions, recipes, and diet recommendations.

King goes beyond typical coaching territory, delving into relationships, career, and spirituality — and even provides expert gardening services so you can grow fruits and veggies in your space.

Bonus: She’s on call via email (during reasonable hours).

For moments of weakness in the cereal aisle.

G3 Wellness (404-824-8808 or g3wellness.com). To make an appointment, call or email morgan@g3wellness.com.

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez / Getty Images