Play It Again: Car Bingo

A road game like I Spy, but better

car bingo game!

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes our least favorite thing to do with kids: road trips.

But before the chorus of complaints begins, give your backseat riders a gift that will keep them busy for miles and miles.

The handmade car bingo game by Canadian company Pi’lo consists of a fabric-covered magnetic board and a set of magnets. The board is illustrated with things you might see along the way (a school bus, a bike, a gas pump); you cover the images with magnets as you spot the objects.

The rules are up to you — play as a team or individually, decide whether completing one row makes you a winner or if you have to fill the whole board (we choose the latter).

There are both rural and urban versions, so pick based on where you’re headed. And then enjoy the sounds of a different sort of chorus: the one on the radio.

Available at etsy.com, $36.

Photo: Courtesy of Pilo