Cut from the Same Cloth

KallioNYC takes menswear mini


Dad’s a fan of snacking in front of the television and leaving behind a mess. Your apples didn’t fall far from that tree.

Further evidence: Your kid’s closet is full of KallioNYC.

Before starting her namesake line, Karina Kallio worked for menswear labels (Abercrombie & Fitch), but these days she whittles vintage men’s button-downs into clothing for pint-size boys and girls.

For her first go at fall, she’s deep into plaids and checks. Flip the hood on the shirt/jacket hybrid for extra warmth; slide the drop-waist dress over her head before she dashes out the door. With roomy cuts and sturdy construction, there’s a chance the pieces could be worn right into next season.

Kallio works her fashion-industry-friend connections, enlisting their offspring to serve as candid fit models.

In other words, she’s branching out.

Available at kallionyc.com, $50-$95.

Photos: Dan McMahon / Courtesy of KallioNYC