App-y Day: Wee Alphas

An interactive e-book for alphabet learners

wee society!

While the Jackson 5 thought ABC was easy as 1, 2, 3, having a preschooler with the attention span of a parakeet has taught you differently.

Steal their focus with the Wee Alphas app. Part interactive book and part game, it teaches preschoolers the alphabet in an imaginative new way.

Quirky animal characters, such as a unicorn sporting red underwear and a vulture with a beehive hairstyle, hide letters that change colors when touched. Tapping another part of the screen triggers a silly animation — and a giggle fit. (Our kids hit the floor when Charlie the chipmunk cheered for sharp cheddar.)

Once you’ve blazed through the alphabet, you can practice tracing letters on the screen, all while listening to upbeat music by the indie rock band Rabbit.

Do-re-mi indeed.

Available at itunes.apple.com, $3.

Photo: Courtesy of Wee Society

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