Q&A: Woman Behind the Blog

So, How Was Your Day's Jessica Murnane

so how was your day jessica murnane!

You often wonder about the people you stalk on Facebook. Are they really that perfect? What do they eat for breakfast? What do they do all day?

Jessica Murnane has the answers. When not designing letterpress for her stationery company, Suitor, she’s penning her brilliant blog. So, How Was Your Day chronicles day in the lives of designers, musicians, and creative types. It’s wildly addictive; we could read it all day.

Name: Jessica Murnane

Location: Chicago

Occupation: Designer

What do you love about your neighborhood?
I love the mishmash of people in Lakeview. I cannot think of any other neighborhood in Chicago that has such a unique mix. Oh, and I’ve got Whole Foods, Jewel, Trader Joe’s, and Green City Market, all within minutes of my apartment. Because of this, I’ll never move.

What’s your daily breakfast?
A juice of kale, cucumber, spinach, apple, cilantro, and lime. Every single morning. Shout out to my juicer, Omega 8006.

We hear buying your fall carryall was a methodical process. What do you keep in it?
Who said I found one? So hard to find one that has it all! My old tote from the summer is carrying a Vanity Fair, Sprout lip balm, The Great Lakes Goods notebook, headphones, Thrive Foods by Brendan Brazier, and some thank-you cards I need to send. No matter how heavy they make my bag, I’m always prepared with a book and magazine.

Chicago’s best kept secret?
The eighth floor of the Harold Washington Library. I try to go there once a week to work. It is super quiet, and there is inspiration everywhere.

Favorite pen?
“I take [them] black, like my men.” - Little girl passenger, Airplane.

Typical work soundtrack?
Hip-hop and R&B. That’s it. I try to mix it up but always come back. Everything from old Dr. Dre to new Kanye.

What’s on your DVR?
Nashville, Oprah’s Lifeclass, 30 for 30 documentaries.

What’s on your nightstand?
The smallest alarm clock ever made, a lamp, a book of Russian criminal tattoos, and a wooden box my husband’s grandmother made when she was a young woman — it’s filled with souvenirs from our trips.

Personal design hero?
Oskar Schlemmer.

Photo: Monica Dimperio / Courtesy of So, How Was Your Day