Let Christine Legnon Cup a Feel

An ancient treatment for modern-day aches

cupping therapy at aviary!

From up-and-at-’em to lights out, you’re hunching, squatting, and folding.

Unfurl with massage therapist Christine Legnon.

A master of an ancient technique called cupping, she begins with a regular rubdown, then uses suction (various-size glass cups attached to a fancy contraption) to pull skin up, separating congested connective tissues and allowing your body to breathe. (If you feel discomfort, ask her to dial down the intensity.)

For clients with injuries, the treatment can speed healing. Got the sniffles? Ask Legnon to treat your sinuses at no extra cost.

She’s a real straight shooter.

Available at Talk to the Hand Massage, Aviary Organic Beauty Collective, 659 Auburn Avenue, studio 125, Old Fourth Ward (talktothehandmassage.com), $15 plus regular massage price. To make an appointment, call 404-429-6027.

Photo: Ashley Hesseltine for DailyCandy

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659 Auburn Ave NE
@ Studioplex, ste 125
Atlanta, GA 30312