Scout Society: Fathom Co-Founder Jeralyn Gerba

A chic road warrior takes us along for the ride

scout society jeralyn gerba of fathom!

The only thing that thrills our editors more than flipping through photos and finds on our new app, DailyCandy Scout, is discovering more about the people behind them. Today, we’re kicking off a series devoted to just that. Meet DailyCandy Scout Society member, Fathom co-founder, and DailyCandy alum, Jeralyn Gerba.

How do you pay the rent?
By traveling and writing about it. (Pretty ingenious, eh?)

How else do you fill your days?
Exploring, eating, recording, coloring. And editing a beautiful little travel website called Fathom. [1]

Who are you following these days and why? 
bellocq — I scroll through the feed and wonder if it’s all a dream. [2, 3]
fathom_waytogo — It’s a collection of images from our contributors and colleagues who travel well. Very well. [4, 5]
andyspade — I like his point of view for his point-and-shoot. [6, 7] 

Where can we find you?
On Twitter, @jgerba; on Instagram, at jgerba; and everywhere in between, on fathomaway.com.

Let’s get Scouting. A self-portrait? 
My friend Evan (from Cool Hunting) took this picture of me hugging a camel. It was hanging out at the base of the Great Wall of China. I really can’t think of a better setting for a camel hug. [8]

Your morning coffee? 
No coffee for me, thanks. Once I wake up I am ready to go. But I do enjoy a coconut water from time to time. [9] 

Your significant other, lover, or BFF? 
This is my main squeeze, Justin, hard at work. [10]

What did you do this weekend? 
I went island hopping around Tahiti, Rangiroa, and Bora Bora. I snorkeled in lagoons, watched an outrigger canoe race (French Polynesia’s version of the Super Bowl), and had a motu picnic. [11]

What did you eat last week?
I was in San Francisco for Thanksgiving. A friend who is a mushroom forager took me to Point Reyes to hunt for chanterelles. It felt like hunting for treasure! [12]

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