The Secret to Finding Balance

Kinderfeets balance bike


Some people say the answer is a strong core; others swear it starts by setting boundaries. But we think the key to finding balance is Kinderfeets.

The handmade wooden push bikes are designed for littles learning to achieve equilibrium while gliding around on two wheels. A close-to-the-ground frame makes it a cinch for low riders to climb aboard (and not so scary if they fall off). Foot pegs positioned where pedals would be make the transition to big-kid bike seamless.

But it’s the bright chalkboard finishes that make the rides so special. In black, yellow, pink, blue, red, or green, they let the Future Bikers of America doodle directly on the toy. Flowers, flames, his name — think of it as art project and outdoor activity in one.

It’s perfect harmony.

Available at kinderfeets.com, chalkboard color finish, $129; natural, $119.

Photo: Courtesy of Kinderfeets