App-y Day: Creativium Paper Theatre

Pull back the curtain on a digital stage


The paper-doll craze? It folded before you were in diapers.

But don’t cut yourself up over it: A new incarnation is back in virtual form for today’s wee generation. The iPad app Creativium Paper Theater inspires kids to animate paper-like people and animals while making up their own stories — just as if they’re putting on their own show.

With colorful, retro charm (think stop-motion films), the action is controlled by tapping, swiping, and shaking the iPad. Move animal friends through an enchanted forest, decorate a castle, and paint the clouds. Along the way, snap photos of scenes you love. The bigger your imagination, the more fun you’ll have.

Good times are here to stay.

Available at itunes.apple.com, $2.

Photo: Courtesy of Creativium