The Bone Collector

Oh, the human body. So wondrous, some might say it’s delicious. Cannibals sure would.

They’d also say it was decorative. (A femur lariat slung low around the neck, a jaunty tibia belt.) Cannibalism’s only drag? Chewing cartilage. And people sure do cry when you boil them.

Allow us to present a more civilized alternative: the Bone Collection by Denise Disharoon.

The pounded silver jewelry is inspired by Disharoon’s fascination with architecture and nature. Curved dangles — reminiscent of ribs — aren’t perfectly symmetrical, and all the better for it. The tiny, whip-thin bones floating on silver cord are pretty enough to make you forget their inspiration. Chains come in varying lengths, and all of the pieces can be special-ordered in 14-karat gold.

People will marvel at your great taste.

And the added bonus: They’re also less filling.

Available at Mitzi’s Shoe Box, 1004 Virginia Avenue NE (404-873-4718). To see styles, go to denisedisharoon.com.

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1004 Virginia Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306