Hoeing Out

Mmcontrary06: arghhh.
GroRdie: sup?
Mmcontrary06: um, not these roses i planted last week
GroRdie: bummer. hey, kno tha urban gardener on Boulevard?
Mmcontrary06: At that party last weekend? Decided2 quit that.
GroRdie: ahahahahaha … no, THE Urban Gardener, on Boulevard comes 2 ur house … checks out dirt and plants … stays an hour … tells u wat to plant, how 2 grow it
Mmcontrary06: oic. silverbells?
GroRdie: yeah
Mmcontrary06: cockleshells?
GroRdie: pretty sure, yeah.
Mmcontrary06: ne thing else?
GroRdie: hmmm. well, they’ll even teach you what 2 plant if you want a green fence round ur yard …
Mmcontrary06: ASB, QUIT!!!!
GroRdie: 4 real it’s fence made from plants. Ne1 can do it. They will sho u when they come. check it out: www.theurbangardener.com
Mmcontrary06: MB. nice … thx.
GroRdie: welcome. now, about that other urban gardener on boulevard … ?
Mmcontrary06: o him? still there 2

The Urban Gardener, 347 Boulevard SE (404-529-9980 or theurbangardener.com).