Future Perfect

The year: 2046

Your granddaughter’s rifling through your jewelry box. She happens upon a square bangle with a black and white zebra pattern. Score!

You rocked this one back in the day. It jazzed up basic black. Grounded whites and brights. Still as beautiful as the day you brought it home. The surface, glass enamel, with a luxurious sheen. Fired in some Brooklyn artisan’s kiln. More than just jewelry — a “piece.”

She slides the bangle on, thinking of how proud Granny’ll be at the sight of her wearing it, how fresh (inspired, even!) it will look with cigarette pants and a crisp white shirt.

You enter the room in time to snatch it right out of those smooth, pilfering fingers. Not so fast, kiddo. It’ll be perfect with your new Cavalli caftan. Botox and all, you ain’t dead yet.

It may be 40 years later. But a classic is a classic.

Available at Sole, 1245 Caroline Street, suite 100 (404-523-1777). To see styles, go to kilnenamel.com.