Have Art, Will Curate

DIY projects spell disaster for you. Easy Bake Oven pot holders? A searing mess in mom’s kitchen. And that last three-armed knit job? Actually, it couldn’t have happened to just anyone.

Finally, a shot of mercy for your creative process. Garage Projects is a program run in conjunction with Castleberry Hill’s Stable 1897. They’ll evaluate artists’ submissions and short proposals (from the DIY variety on up) and consider them for display for absolutely free.

Winning submissions are invited in for a nominal fee (the flexible cost gets you an opening, press representation, and space once shared with the likes of Michel Auder and Michael Gibson). While your work is on display, feel free to sell, rotate, and market your goods for — again — absolutely nothing. Garage Projects’s explicit mission is to encourage fresh ideas and images in a community that’s known for doing just that.

But don’t even think of handing in those holders.

To submit, mail your proposal, images, or art to Garage Projects, 261 Peters Street SW, Castleberry Hill District (404-302-9074 or garageprojects.com).