Sparty On

Hey, la-di, da-di we likes to Sparty.

Not Doug E’s precise words. Still, there’s nothing unfresh about Sparty, a spa service bringing the munching, massaging, and general euphoria of a perfect spa day right to you.

Sparty professionals arrive at your home or office with flowy white sheets, furniture, and chill-out tunes to transform your pad (or cubicle) into a pleasure haven. You and your (ahem) party slip into plush robes and sip Sparty’s delicious signature drinks. (They’ll theme for just about any occasion; the Mai Bride and Diamond Ring Sling are among our faves, no matter the event.)

Sparty is perfect for a bachelorette party (unless you still prefer running around Buckhead with a dollar store tiara), the unexpected work treat (Secret Santa blows), or just an excuse for you and your friends to treat yourselves right.

You may never be the freshest emcee. But you’ll be a shoo-in for the greatest entertainer.

Sparty (spa-party.com).