Upward Mobility

Your car. Always willing to give you a few good miles past “E.” Always taking those “wash me” signs from the neighborhood kids with a chin to the sky.

So really now, don’t you think it’s time to do something nice for it?

First (and most convenient) course of action: Call Mobile Auto Detailing ASAP. Name the time, day, and location where your car and keys will be left for pick up. They wash, wax, shampoo, and vacuum inside and out (they’ll even clear up that netherworld of a trunk with standard service) and leave it smelling like the scent of your choice.

Packages start at $50, and all they require is access to an outdoor water line or permission to drive to one nearby. A few hours later, you get back your keys and a clean car — without lifting a finger.

Not including the one you’ll give those neighborhood kids.

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