Abstract Thinking

Subtle modulations. Encaustic wax. Beauty untethered by reality.

Man, abstraction is nifty.

Especially when you’re one of the three artists on view in The Lowe Gallery’s latest exhibit, Nature in the Abstract. No surprise that two of them — Christopher Cousins and Mark Perlman — are Cali-based. After all, Cousins’s use of muted shades and shapes (is that a bullet hole or a tornado?) and Perlman’s prehistoric undertones (if caves had been this well styled, we’d never have evolved) are must-sees.

But we la-la-love the fact that the Southeast can claim Steve Seinberg — after getting his MFA from Georgia State University, he went on to wow art critics in Dallas, New Orleans, and Santa Monica.

Can’t tell one artist’s work from another at first glance? That’s okay. All three share an obsession with the idea of nature and art coming together in a transformative, nonliteral way, so the show is likely to blur the lines.

Not to put too fine a point on it.

The Lowe Gallery, 75 Bennett Street, space a2 (404-352-8114 or lowegallery.com).