Six Foot Four and Full of Muscles

You’ve always been fascinated by the land down under.

Home to croc and kookaburra. Matchmaker to shrimp and barbie.

And, oh, the natives. Aside from Heath, Hugh, and the hunk who played the Hulk, Oz boasts some fascinating fauna. And (another revelation) the largest population of ’em outside of Aussieville roams right here — in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Just a hop, skip, and an hour outside of Atlanta, The Kangaroo Conservation Center is digs for creatures you’d never meet otherwise without enduring a fifteen-hour flight: red and gray kangaroos, agile wallabies, and cuddly brush-tailed bettongs.

The chance you’ll spot a hot, boxing bastard out on this range? Pretty high. The odds his leading sheila won’t have a gestation-friendly pouch?

Not bloody likely.

Kangaroo Conservation Center, 222 Bailey-Waters Road, Dawsonville (706-265-6100 or kangaroocenter.com).