Bird Brain

You watch Cops and drink the good wine while home alone. You yelled at the sink this morning when it didn’t make the swirly sound. Another trip through Crazy Town, and you’ll be eligible to run for office.

Which is why we were so relieved to discover that local artist Susan Cohen does more than pet portraits (read: a first-class ticket on the Cukoo Express). She also does charming paintings that just happen to feature round, brightly colored birds.

Cohen is an animal lover. But she takes special orders, which proves that she likes people, too. Barely bigger than a postcard, her works come on stretched canvas or canvas paper (for framing) in poppy primary tones — adorable grouped on a wall or perched alone on your desk.

Titles are equally smile-worthy: “Three Chirps at Night,” “Chirrup,” and “Three Tweets in the Morning” induce uncontrollable grinning whenever you say their names out loud.

Just take down the padding before you hang them.

Available at Inman Park Pet Works, 914a Austin Avenue (404-522-4544 or inmanparkpetworks.com).

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