Can You Kick It?

Last night’s dance-off at Aiko really did a number on your kicks. 

Just as well. Lately, your winter-worn tootsies have seen less adornment than the Ledger-Williams trophy case come Oscar night.

The plan: March into Sabot like The Lion Which Has No Wardrobe. Traipse out like a well-heeled lamb in your new Jacqueline Schnabels. 
The New York socialite-turned-shoe designer knows a thing or two about hoofing it in style.  After all, her ex files include neo-expressionist Julian Schnabel (chum of Warhol and all anyone-who-was-anyone regulars at Studio 54). Her spring collection is smart-girl sexy — peek-a-boo toes, snub heels, low-rider ankle straps — and comes in fun colors and textures like green python and disco metallic. 
Perfect for your next sushi’d up evening spent off of East Andrews.

Or the equally likely round of Seven Degrees of Basquiat you’ll play there.

Available at Sabot, 45 Irby Avenue, West Buckhead Village (404-816-0077).