Don’t Go Changin’

You know you did it.

Lifted old washcloths from the linen closet for Caribbean Stacey’s beach cover-ups. Gleeped dad’s most obnoxious ties during that weird gypsy-headband period of yours (then again for Styling Head Skipper’s matching coif).

You’ve always had a knack for transforming the mundane of yesteryear into a treasure of today. And now that you’ve grown up, the sisters at Relic Boutique have done the nabbing for you.

They’ve refurbished ornate lighting hardware from your kooky uncle’s toolshed to bring you (literal) chandelier earrings that are timeless, not trendy. They’ve scoured mom’s old sewing table for vintage buttons and fabrics, creating ingenuous necklaces and brooches in the process.

Every one of Relic’s designs is one-of-a-kind, hand-remade from the cloth, clips, and general clutter that kept your Malibu beach house rivaling Donna and Gianni’s any day.

Barbie would be so jealous. Not that you care anymore, of course.

Available at Beehive Co-Op, 1831-a Peachtree Road (404-351-1166); online at relicboutique.com