Period Peace

Ate Nutella from jar.
Strained against seams of fat pants.
Berated hapless barista. (“Extra HOT, NOT an extra SHOT!”)
Apologized to barista. Teared up. Overtipped.
Decided hair looked completely hideous.
Made hair appointment.
Canceled appointment.
Cried at work. (They hate you. You just know it.)
Almost quit.
Let boyfriend talk you out of quitting via emergency phone summit.
Scarred face by squeezing too-tempting zit.

And that was your last half hour.

Help has arrived in the form of the Naturopatch. It looks like a nicotine patch but delivers all-natural relief from you-know-what with essential oils like rose geranium and bergamot.

So you can feel like you’re really doing something to ease your monthly misery while the pleasant, medical-looking bandage legitimizes your sadly misunderstood condition to those around you. Just in time, too.

Cuz your boyfriend’s at the end of his rope.

Available at Lynn Clinic of Chiropractic,1630 Buford Highway, suite 6, Buford (770-945-0561 or naturopatch.com).