Getting the Skinny

Admit it. You have a problem. It’s okay. Just say it out loud: Hi. My name is _______. And I’m a de-nim jun-kie.

Take a look at your stash. Organized by cut, wash, rise, current just-how-fat-I-am status, and heel possibilities. But what are you to do when a new pair hits the streets, promising you longer legs, a higher rear, and snakier hips?

Addicts like you will invariably opt for the dark shades, hit the closest ATM, and get the Moe on the corner (or Nancy Hallman at the store) to fit you for the Plumaria jean by Fidelity. Smooth and stretchy in a midnight wash, it’s low of waist and skinny of leg.

The rivets are 24-karat gold-plated, and the fabric is lightweight enough to look casual with ballet flats or studded boots. Who knows? Plumarias could be just the thing to cure that next-big-fix jones forever.

Because admission may be the first step to recovery.

But a last-hurrah binge (on something that won’t tax your liver or kill your brain cells, no less) is the favored second.

Available at Bill Hallman Original, 792 North Highland Avenue (404-607-1171).