Me Look Pretty One Day

• Drink 50 gallons of water per day.
• Avoid sun in manner of an albino vampire.
• Don’t pick/eat/smoke that. Ever.

All great guidelines for the perfect complexion. Too bad you reside in the rules-were-made-to-be-broken camp.

More useful advice: Get the Kaanya toning and tightening facial, which debuted this month at Blue MedSpa. It’s a painless, temporary face-lift that’s just under $250 a pop. 

You’ll be swathed in warm blankets; lulled by soft music; and put to sleep by the cool humming light that’s run over your T-zone, cheeks, and neck after a gentle cream cleansing and collagen-boosting red clover-and-hops serum massage.

The most dramatic effects last two to three days, but the take-home regimen (included with the service) promises to keep you looking radiant and rested-looking for up to six weeks.

Our two cents? Give it a shot. Some rules were meant to be followed.

Available at Blue MedSpa, 190 Tenth Street, Midtown (404-815-8880 or bluemedspa.com).

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