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Tempting Fate

Early on you learned the difference between things worth waiting for (toasted Mint Milanos before bed) and what to take simply because it’s there (the straggler you found under the stove this morning).

And now, since Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland finally opened in Atlanta this week, you’ve got one delicious compromise.

With only a handful of shops in the world (including outposts in Dubai and Hong Kong), confection orders are flown in from the company’s Swiss headquarters about every ten days, nixing the need for the preservatives and additives you’re likely to find at other chocolate shops.

A smattering of fruit, nuts, cocoa, or marzipan makes each treat a justifiable splurge. The champagne truffles, for instance — oozing with dark chocolate and a butter cream center — are a temptation worth giving in to.

As if you needed a reason.

Teuscher Chocolates, 1393 North Highland Avenue, Morningside (404-885-1010 or teuscher.com).

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1393 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306