Super Natural

Damn, we spend a lot of time fighting nature. And when you get down to it, the tweezing, shaving, bleaching, and scrubbing routine always ends in one big, fat exhausting.

The picture-perfect counterpoint: gorgeous note cards by Rinne Allen.

A career as a brilliant artist and photographer took her to Paris and New York. But, ever the Georgia girl at heart, Allen knew that the best place for natural inspiration was right back at home.

Every day, she ventures into her heirloom Athens garden to gather the ethereal images for her line of luxuriously matte postcards. You see, Allen grows every botanical that she photographs, from the achingly lovely alliums to the flirtatious pink quince.

So don’t be shy: Drop the world a line or two, why don’t you?

Because, sometimes, showing your roots is the best thing to do.

Available at Toula’s, 225 West Clayton Street, Athens (706-353-7339). To see styles, go to rinneallen.com.