Congratulations, It’s a Bag!

A comrade with kid in tow can kill a buzz like that. Conversations go from “that restaurant was ahh-mazing — that chef can foie gras my panna cotta anytime” to “Chuckie is ahh-mazing — he now says ‘poopy’ when he’s gotta go.”

Now, for a birth worth the celebratory cigars: Husband-and-wife team Brian Murphy and Jessie Randall of Loeffler Randall are overjoyed to welcome a younger sibling for their ultra-cool shoe line: handbags.

The pair’s birthed gorgeous silhouettes from raw materials like Italian deerskin, vachetta, and suede, and given them family nicknames (among them, the braid-handled Hattie for Randall’s grandma, and the Bimmy shoulder bag for Randall herself).

It’s clear that the bags are cut from the same cloth as their sibs: Styles and colors are peas to the shoe collection’s pod.

Finally. A bundle of joy that doesn’t require chatting it up about Diaper Genies.

Available at Sabot, 45 Irby Avenue, West Buckhead Village (404-816-0077 or sabotshoes.com). To see styles, go to loefflerrandall.com.


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45 Irby Ave
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