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Basket Case

You say, “Pardon me.” The world says, “Outta my way.” You say, “What’s the good word?” The world says, “Eat me.”

Press on, Susie Doright, because reward for your selflessness is just around the corner. Quite literally, in fact — at Lottafrutta, the new and adorably wholesome corner market on Auburn Avenue selling fruit, flowers, and snacks.

The stock at the family-owned shop is equal parts Mexico, Ecuador, and Downtown ATL. Grab a grilled sandwich (like turkey and spiced Swiss), homemade iced fruit pops, and exclusive ice cream flavors by Jake’s, such as coffitta latte.

And brace yourself for cuteness overload. A mini fridge for doggies stocks bone-shaped treats made from frozen beef and chicken stock. Exotic blooms are imported from countries like Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica — where they find the traditional, indigenous bites that fill the front counter.

And you thought you were doing good in the hood.

Lottafrutta, 590 Auburn Avenue, Old Fourth Ward (404-588-0857 or lottafrutta.com).

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