Reduce, Reuse, Retrash

Last week, you were all for the cause. (The whole world was up to its eyeballs in ecofriendliness.) This week, your conviction’s going to cost you.

A phone call, that is. The City of Atlanta is working with Dreamsan Recycling to provide free residential bins. Free as the e-petitions you forward to save baby seals. Free as your trunk would be if it weren’t crammed with Diet Coke cans. (You want to save the earth. You just hate trekking to the recycling plants in the burbs.)

If you already get public garbage service (a.k.a., those green or blue herbie curbies), just ring up the city’s recycling hotline and order a bin for recyclables like plastic, cardboard, glass, and newspaper. Pick-up service will follow the same schedule as the trash.

Live in a town house or apartment? Don’t fret. Dreamsan will call your leasing company and try to arrange service (for a fee).

Now that’s making a village.

To request a bin, call 404-792-1212. Download a recycling guide